EVENT DETAILS:: Extreme 2005
Date: Fri 27th May, 2005
Time: From 9.30pm
Venue: Arena Private Club
City: Flic en Flac

The Devilish Angel Entertainement presents EXTREME 2005 at Arena Private Club. This is one Annual Music Event not to miss out.

What to expect:
>>21:30 live & unplugged with Crossbreed Supersoul, Kelp & Christophe Rey

>>23:30 deep house at the lounge bar with Zak Shaker & Spirit Funk

>>23:30 vocal progressive in the house with david jay, patrice d'avrincourt & giovanni paul

>>23:30 progressive techouse in the box with clarel L, dj lebo and ramik 17

Cancel all your rendezvous' for friday 27th May, cause there's only ONE place to be ... Arena Club at Flic en Flac for an EXTREME nyte!!

Giveaways from R1, Smirnoff Ice & Liquid girls at the Arena gate!!!

Special Note:
In association with: R1 Radio One, l'express, graphic press, smirnoff ice, liquid, caracture

Tickets available from:
Liquid stores

Reservations tel. 731-4787 / 792 1170 / 453 9000

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