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Arena Private Club:: Flic en Flac

Sat 21.04.07:: Come shake your humps at your favorite club with the DJ's straight from Spain!!! (NEW)

Sat 14.04.07:: Don't waste your time looking for something to do on the 14th of April. Hop into the groove!!!

Sat 10.02.07:: DJ Femme is coming to town. Come and see this H.O.T.T. and talented resident DJ of Ministry of Sound. Click on SHARE on the page NOW!!!

Tue 23.01.07:: Come to the first party of 2007. Click on SHARE on the page NOW!!!


Snapshot of the week gets a little something at Arena.

Arena Private Club:: If you haven't experienced the madness parties at Arena Private Club yet, then you have to check out what you've been missing out on. Located on the west coast of Mauritius and in a magnificent "cadre", Arena boasts two state-of-the-art dance floors, two bars, and an outdoor pub.

Every Friday and Saturday Night featuring resident djs david jay and dj luv. Arena also plays host to international djs. Undoubtedly, Arena is one of the most wicked venues in Mauritius.

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